Membership Growth Institute (MGI) is Your Key To Building and Growing Your Next $1,000 Per Month Membership Site!

Includes no-overwhelm membership course, 1-on-1 help, & group coaching.



Introducing Membership Growth Institute:


Daily training straight in your inbox to help you build and grow your next membership site.


Access to MyFirst1000 community.


Group coaching sessions for the next 7 months to help you get consistent results!

"I made over $3,400 with my first course, and I am happy because I have an asset I can continue to sell"

-Sam Little

"Kyvio has given me the ability to not be worried about stuff all the time, it’s a great side income for me, because living on the edge of not being able to pay your bills, it’s hard to enjoy life"

-Darin Browne

"I didn't have enough time-freedom, like spending more time with my family and friends. Having a course helped me build an income, and I got my time-freedom"

-Meili Leung

What you get:

30 Day Membership Zero-To-Hero Course

VALUED at $2,997

Regardless of what level you're at, there's always a voice inside your head either telling you that you can, or cannot do it.

Jena and myself are here to replace that 'cannot' voice and strengthen that 'can' voice and go in-depth and empower you with training on how to build courses and subsequently - membership sites.

Now let me be clear on this - our goal is to help you complete and sell a course.

But our mission - is to help you become financially and time-independent so you can change lives of THOUSANDS of other people, and get wealthy at the same time.

Want to know what the 30-day training contains?

Check this out:


Day 1: Membership Niche Ideas

Day 2: Your Niche & Set Goals

Day 3: The Napkin Plan & Free Curated Content Option

Day 4 - 8: Build and Grow

Day 9: Customer Avatar

Day 10: Product-Market Fit

Day 11: Build

Day 12: Membership Site Sales Funnel

Day 13: Define Core Offer

Day 14 - 16: Build

Day 17: Pricing Structure


Day 4: Landing Page for Lead Magnet

Day 5: Thank You Page for Lead Magnet

Day 6: Your Free Mini Course & Lead Magnet

Day 7 - 10: Research and Grow

Day 11: Copy That Sells

Day 12 - 13: Research

Day 14: Write Your Course Outline

Day 15: What is an Entry point Offer

Day 16: Your Content

Day 17: Research

Day 18: Build: Landing Page for Entry Point Offer

Day 19: Build: Landing Page for Core Offer

Day 20: Build: Thank You Page for Entry Point Offer

Day 21: Build: Thank You Page for Core Offer

Day 22 - 26: Grow

Day 27: Update your Lead Magnet Landing Page / Thank You Page


Day 7: First 100 Facebook Likes

Day 8: Linkedin Domination

Day 9 to 21: Research and Build

Day 22: The Indoctrination Email

Day 23: Gain, Logic, Fear Email Sequence for Lead Magnet to Entry Point Offer

Day 24: The Ascension Series

Day 25: Organic Instagram Growth

Day 26: Your Core 24/7 Facebook Ads


Day 28: Profit Maximizers

Day 29: 7 Conversion Hacks to Triple Your Business in 6 Months

Day 30: Recruiting and Managing Affiliates

Get Accountable

Access to my PERSONAL calendar to book 1-on-1 calls with me (untill T&C) VALUED at $6,000

Have you ever been to a Tony Robbins event? The usual end result is a TON of motivation and inspiration.

But let me ask you - do you remember how you felt 1 hour after the event?

24 hours later? 7 days later? 30 days later?

Let me be honest - motivation wears off. You might even have days where you feel misdirected.

That's where I step in - to kick you into shape.

With this offer, you get to pick my brain every week!

Something's bothering you? Book a call and let me sort it out.

Feeling demotivated? Book a call and let me kick your ass!

Feeling lost? Let me help chart you your direction.

"Andy had success on his initial launch, even in the its beta version due to the sandbox capabilities of Kyvio"

-Andy Torr

"I generated over 100,000 euro in the last 12 months, and opened up an office in Milan by creating a successful membership site"

-Veronica Benini

Plus – Limited Time Bonuses For The First 10 Membership Growth Institute Participants


For the first 25 Membership growth participants, Jena is going to kickstart you in the right direction with her signature 4 hour live Business Growth Strategy training. 

Build and layout your complete Marketing Strategy and full Customer Value Journey in one day. 

When implemented as part of your 30 day training, you will see your business double in revenue. Complete the core elements of your Marketing strategy including customer avatars, copy & messaging strategies, 30 second pitches, unique selling propositions, social strategies, ideation and more.0

Don't just learn how to do them, get live feedback on a 4 hour live session to actually implement and get your foundation on paper.


We will be showing you exactly how to build high converting funnels, but for those 25 that buy now, Jena will be sharing her own Membership site funnel page templates for you to start selling your course even faster. Spend less time on page creation and more time on building the best offer and best selling copy.


Complete email copy templates with the copy ready to customize. For those that use ActiveCampaign, you will be able to import Jenna’s very own automations directly into your system so you can completely skip the CRM / Email Drip headache. 


Do you know why most businesses fail, even if they make money?

It's because they don't have systems and processes.

They don't have worksheets, or checklists.

Even a surgeon - with 25+ years of experience - uses a checklist to make sure everything is completed according to a set procedure.

Checklists make life easier, and we want to make your membership site creation process easy as well!

With the Membership Growth Institute - you get a collection of checklists and worksheets you will need to take action with pin-point precision.

What do people say about Kyvio

A very focus-all-in-one suite. This is all you need. Thank you for the constant updates and unrivaled support!

-Chris McNary

Love how easy to use Kyvio's funnel builder is! Combine that with email autoresponder and WP like blog builder - you have very important applications needed in any business. Great software. 5 stars.

-Abhi Dwiedi

I'm amazed how easy this is to use. It's even easier than it looked following along with the videos. This really speeds things up and all the pieces fit together really well. I'm glad to be one of the early adopters with this platform. 

-Jim Galiano

Get Started on Your Journey Now!

What you are getting today:

  • 30 Day Membership Zero-To-Hero Course - Valued at $2,997
  • Get Accountable with your 1-on-1 calls with Neil for 8 months - Valued at $6,000
  • Bonus 1: Build a marketing strategy group call - Valued at $3,500
  • Bonus 2: Templates - Valued at $297
  • Bonus 3: Swipe Copy + Emails - Valued at $1,997
  • Bonus 4: Worksheets - Valued at $297

Total Value = $18,861

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