7 Lame Excuses You’re Giving For Not Creating Your Membership Site

Excuses for not building your membership site will always be there. It's the small opportunities you refuse to grab because you’ve convinced yourself that you cannot do it right now.

You’re probably waiting for the perfect moment to start building your membership site. Or you’re planning to start when you have a ton of time to spare. Or the right content ideas and a guaranteed audience. Plus unrivalled support from family and friends...and the list goes on.

Yet you look at other people who have built membership sites (and made a ton of money from them) and wish that you could somehow do it.

I get you.

And I think it will be useful to look at the excuses you give yourself one by one. So, if you have allowed any of the following excuses to hold you back from building your membership site, consider them busted.




1. I don’t think I can teach

Before creating my first membership site, I was captive to the idea that I had to be ‘a natural’ at teaching. Besides, teaching can be jarringly personal. It's like ripping out your heart and offering it to strangers. No matter what your topic is, you’re putting yourself out there for people to see you and judge you.

Whether you like it or not, sharing your knowledge out there puts you at risk of being disliked and criticized. Besides, not everyone is interested in what you’re teaching.

You don't have to worry if you’re not ‘a natural’ at teaching.You just need to care about your topic enough to share your knowledge with other people.

And the reasons to care about it are many. People struggling with health issues such as cancer and autoimmune diseases need help with eating a healthy diet and exercise. Others want to learn how to break free from their addictions but they’re stuck. Others are having a hard time staying productive at work or negotiate better salaries and don't know how to do it. And the list continues.

So, it's still possible for you to create a good membership site...or even a great one. Being a good teacher is something you learn. What your students need is careful selection of the topics you cover, clear, and engaging presentations.

Remember, you just have to care about it enough.


2. I Can’t Seem To Settle On The Right Type Of Content

Settling on the ‘right type of content’ is overrated.

It makes you think that you have to get it right every time, otherwise your membership site may never see the light of day, and, if it does, it will just sit there and collect dust.

See, you don't have to have the ‘right type of content’ before committing to building your membership site. Find out what people are struggling with around the topic you care about. Be where they are and listen to them.

For example, you can conduct a survey using tools such as Survey Monkey, Google Forms, or Typeform.io and listen to what they are saying. Let them ask their burning questions. You may find out that the ideas you have been neglecting are what they’d really love to learn about.

Hang out on online forums such as Reddit, Facebook groups, Twitter, and Quora to find out what they talk about most of the time on issues surrounding your topic. What are the trending topics? What issues are they struggling with? What questions do they have that are left unanswered? What issues provoke fierce debates?

Use this as your starting point for your membership site with content that helps them solve their problems.


3. I Don't Feel Like I’m Ready Yet

Maybe you have a 9-5 job that leaves you exhausted every day. You don't want to commit to building your membership site until your next vacation. Or your bank account is too empty so you do not have a safety net. Or you don't feel ‘inspired enough’ to start.

Every time you think about building your membership site, you tell yourself, “I don't feel like I’m ready yet. As soon as I take care of problems X, Y, and Z trust me, I’ll start immediately.”

The truth is, however, as soon as you take care of X, Y, and Z new problems will come up and you’ll end up with the same story.

There are so many things that are beyond your control. That means you’ll never have perfect conditions that will allow you to build your membership site. If you wait for the perfect time, you will be waiting...well, forever.

Start small. Take tiny steps and start creating content for your membership site. Make these steps so simple to do that you will gain control over your current circumstances and help put all your problems into perspective. For instance, you can commit two hours of planning and create content every day.

Once life slows down, you’ll have the opportunity to cover as much ground as possible before another storm comes your way and slows you down. And before you know it, you will have moved from a fair-weather membership site builder to an all-weather membership building hero.


4. There Is Too Much Content On My Topic …Why Should I Bother?

Too much content out there? That's a good sign.

Let me explain...

Having a large amount of content on your topic means that people are actively looking for solutions to a problem they are struggling with related to that topic.

The good news is most of this content has not fully addressed these problems and that's why people are still looking for solutions.

Furthermore, you won't have to do the hard work of convincing people that they have a problem in that particular area of their lives. You just need to present your solution in a unique way.

Here’s how:

Look at all the membership sites with content around your topic.

  • What areas aren’t they covering? Create content that covers one or a combination of these areas.
  • Is there content that lacks in-depth information about a topic you are passionate about? Go ahead and create an in-depth content on that topic and provide resources that will help students implement what they learn.
  • Is there outdated content that people are still reading? Create content with up to date information present it to them.
  • What are people afraid of teaching in your niche? Go ahead and be a pioneer. Teach them about it.

Having lots of competition is not a valid excuse not to build a membership site. If you put a personal spin on the content you’ll create, you have a shot at success just like everyone else who is succeeding at creating profitable membership sites.

So, don't be afraid to create content around a topic simply because others have already taught about it. You can approach the topic in different ways and still stand out.



5. I Don’t Have Enough Knowledge To Share  

This is a trap you may find yourself in, thinking, that to teach, you have to know everything about your topic. So you keep learning and learning and learning…but never getting off the launch pad to create content for your membership site. While learning is a continuous process, there is no clear finish line. No one will ever tell you, “Hey, you’re done with learning, go ahead and teach now.”

You need to know your topic well enough, but you don’t have to know everything.  Take a book or attend a class to improve your knowledge and skills. At the same time, create content for your membership site. Learn from experience. How your students respond will tell you what areas you need to pay more attention to and the areas you are already good at.

6. What If I Fail?

Great question.

You don't want to spend hundreds of hours creating content and building a membership site only to end up disappointed because people aren’t buying it.

Rejection sucks. If you, however, allow the fear of failure to hold you back, you will stay where you right now, and you won’t have a site either. At the risk of sounding cliché, even people who have built successful membership sites failed at some point before having their big break.

Building a profitable membership site is a process. If you commit to success, failure will not deter you. Start building it today and you have a chance of either failing or succeeding.  

If you don't do anything, you have a 100% chance of failing.

Which sounds less risky?


7. My Family And Friends Aren’t Supportive

This one is tough.

But you have options. One way is to get every important person on board early enough before you start building your membership site. While you’re still thinking about it, share the articles that you are reading with them. Talk about what you are learning and why building a membership site is important to you.

Once you are ready to take the leap, ask for their help. They can either hold you accountable for your progress or any other way that will give you ample time to build your membership site. If they’re not willing to assist, request that they give you the space you need till you’re done.

This way, you will be taking responsibility for your life and you won't blame other people since you will be doing what you need to do. Along the way, try winning their support through educating them even if they were not willing to support you at first.

It's time to ditch the excuses...

Almost everyone faces these problems. So, if these excuses (and any other excuses) are holding you back, remember that every other person who has built a successful membership site faces their demons. No one has developed immunity to fear, uncertainty, or any other obstacles that seem to prevent you from doing it. They start with small steps and keep moving until they are done.

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