#MyFirst1000 - Join the Movement

We are on our way to help 1,000 entrepreneurs generate their first $1,000 using the power of courses and training - do you want to join us on this journey?

We are on a mission - and we need you.

Many people start online thinking they can make easy money overnight.

At least that's what they are promised.

What they don't realize is that promoting random affiliate offers, signing up to MLM or even offering services is not the way to make SCALABLE and RELIABLE income.

In the end - the only question is - WHAT DIGITAL ASSETS do you own and sell?

Our goal is to help you build these digital assets that can:

  • Help position you as an authority figure
  • Make your first $1,000 selling courses (if you haven't already)
  • Continue to sell without active sales process (no need to pick up the phone).

Ultimately, our goal is to help 1,000 people to generate $1,000 with our help.

Now here's the thing - we are not the first set of teachers or coaches that have set out to SHOW you how to build simple digital assets.

Just went through the 10-hour long Product Creation Bootcamp today - Wow! Wow! Wow! Lots of AHA moments. I am ready to take action.

  • Meili Leung

The online world can be daunting and Kyvio makes it real easy for newbies (like me) to get professional easy to use funnels live and producing $$$. 

  • Tim Meredith

What can we do differently for you?

We create courses - Day in, Day out: On average, we create and sell ONE new course a month. While this might seem like an overkill to some, everything we do fuels our core business. So one way or another, we are spending every hour, every day, creating content to change lives. We walk the walk - and have generated 6-figures every year consistently with our efforts.

We give you our "paint-by-numbers" script: If you've ever tried to google "how to create a course," I bet you've come across conflicting and confusing "steps". Well - we've worked with THOUSANDS of people already to help them turn what they KNOW into what they can SELL. Over time, we've realized few consistent patterns that make them successful. And we can share them with you - in a simple "paint-by-numbers" method, which will get to your goals faster.

What we share is FREE: That's right - we could easily package this up into a paid product and charge you a tiny fortune. But 1000Courses is about changing life. Both mine and yours. With you, we want to create the NEXT generation of knowledge experts, who share what they do, what they know and get rich. For us - we want to get to know you. As creators of 1000Courses, we want to work with action takers and personally talk to EACH and EVERYONE who rises up to the challenge.

What can you expect when you sign up?

  • Instant access to a Facebook community which will become the center of ALL your membership activities.
  • Twice a week, we'll release podcast/videos showing you how people were able to get their first $1,000 selling courses.
  • Impromptu LIVE videos where we share cool little tips you can use to increase the revenue you generate from your courses
  • Participation in "LIVE LEADERBOARD" that shows how much money you and others have generated selling courses over a given period of time.

Join #MyFirst1000 - Change Your Future!

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